Democracy is not Rocket Science. Or Vice Versa.

Science, Academia and Democracy – an Introduction. The highly

Infrastructure and Human Development

With a main focus on health and education, the

International Institutions in Development Cooperation

The course analyses the evolution and the current state

Methods in Peace and Conflict Studies: An Overview

The seminar will give an overview of a range

Management of Development Projects

Students will explore all phases of the project cycle:

Impact Evaluation

Upon completion of this course, participants know the main

Urbanisation and Development

This course is designed to sensitise students for the

Law and Development

The regimes of international, regional and national human rights

Financial Management

The course combines the practice of budgeting and financial

Public Policy and Reform Management

The students are familiarised with the various determinants of

Actors in Development Cooperation

The course engages with Sustainable Devel-opment Goals (SDGs), particularly

Feminist Perspectives on War

The seminar introduces students to the feminist perspectives in

Critical Security Studies

Upon completion of this course students should: Have substantial

Nature-based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience

Nature-based Solutions for increasing disaster and climate resilience are

Critical Sustainability

The integrated course is a common course for students

Terrorism & Political Violence

The course will offer detailed analysis of the problems

Disaster Management & Humanitarian Response

This lecture will provide better understanding of civil protection

Risk Management in the context of Climate Change

The lecture will introduce important international policy making processes