Urbanisation and Development

This course is designed to sensitise students for the challenges and chances of (rapid) urbanisation. The course will draw attention to relevant theoretical concepts and the current state of the art concerning a range of sub-topics such as housing, rural-urban migration, city planning and the linkages between urbanisation and growth.

3 May 2021 - 7 May 2021 (block course), 09:00 – 15:00
Probably online via Zoom.

Since 2007, most of the world’s population live in cities. In response, the management of urbanisation has become an increasingly relevant topic for national governments and de-velopment agencies. As such, SDG11 calls for making cities inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.

Students are expected to present own case studies (oral presentation) and to later put them in conversation with concepts learnt in class (written essay). The aim of the course is to enhance students’ ability to discuss, understand, and critically reflect on interdependencies and complexities of urbanisation, urban planning and development.

Lecturer: Dr. Raffael Beier

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