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Global Health Risk Management & Hygiene Policies (Bonn)

University of Bonn University Hospital Bonn Location Bonn is

MSc in Global Urban Health (Freiburg)

While Global Health focuses on worldwide improvement of health,

Environment and Resources Management (ENREM) – Focus Latin America

The objective of the master program is to qualify

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Alumni Seminar: River Deltas at Risk

The seminar aims to provide participants with in-depth knowledge and practical experience in dealing with the challenges of land and water management in river deltas worldwide that are severely affected by climate change. The focus will be on the Red River Delta in Vietnam and the Oder River in Germany/Poland, both with their unique challenges and learning opportunities.

Training on Safety and Security for Researchers

Join Dr. Rodrigo Mena Fluhmann on April 22 for an online workshop on Safety & Security for Researchers, especially within the context of (humanitarian) disasters, crisis scenarios, and research in fragile contexts.Researchers joining the workshop will get an introduction to how safety and security works in a research context, the importance of adequate preparation and […]

Wise Crowds: Rapid Group Coaching with Peers

Use this method to continue to improve your decision-making and problem-solving skills and to open up new possibilities for your development!

Nature-based Solutions and Agro-ecological Concepts for Sustainable Transformation of Agri-Food Systems

DAAD Agriculture-Alumni Training Network is organizing a one-week workshop in Ethiopia. The theme for this year’s workshop is ‘Nature-based Solutions and Agro-ecological Concepts for Sustainable Transformation of Agri-Food Systems’. This initiative will bring together German university alumni from across Africa for a 7-day travelling workshop in Ethiopia from the 21st to 29th March, 2024.