The idea of networking, sharing information and making use of the synergies that lie in its academic diversity is the central theme of the AGEP – and we don’t want to limit this exchange to the study programmes.

What is ultimately filling this idea with life is the communication and possibilities to easily connect between all the different actors involved – and that is why we created “The AGEP – Network”.

The AGEP – Network” is our group in the Alumniportal Deutschland and a place where students and alumni, lecturers and also generally interested people can come together and meet, connect, discuss and share information with each other on a vast variety of topics. In addition to that, our AGEP – Network offers you webinars on carefully chosen development-related issues, held by national and international experts. On top, we provide you with a weekly development column, keeping you updated on recent trends and issues of the think-tank, blogosphere and political foundation scene.

Watch our introductory-video on YouTube:

In order to be able to take part in our group and the related experiences, all you have to do is join the Alumniportal Deutschland if you have not already done so and become a member of group The AGEP–Network. Joining the network is free of charge.