Methods in Peace and Conflict Studies: An Overview

The seminar will give an overview of a range of different methods in Peace & Conflict Studies.

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19. October 2023
19.10., 09.11., 30.11.2023: 3pm – 5pm and the PACS & EUS Methods Conference on 31.01.2024 and 01.02.2024: 9am - 5pm (hybrid)
Combination of hybrid and online format
2/4/6/10 ECTS

The seminar will give an overview of a range of different methods in Peace & Conflict Studies and will be taught by a range of different lecturers in the form of a “ring seminar” with online videos. It will be structured in three parts. The first part is concerned with more general questions surrounding the research process, including reflections on different epistemological perspectives on research methods, research questions and research practices. The second part of the seminar will turn to positivist methods including comparative case studies design, surveys, interviews and content analysis. Part three will turn to post-positivist approaches and include session on discourse and visual analysis, ethnographic approaches and participatory action research. Each session will be accompanied by a tutorial in which the participants have time to complete and discuss an exercise set by the corresponding lecturer.

Tina Rosner-Merker, M.A.

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Preconditions for participation:
1. At least 30 ECTS in the social sciences.

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