Risk Management in the context of Climate Change

The lecture will introduce important international policy making processes and frameworks (UNFCCC, Sendai, SDGs, G7, G20 etc.) and the way these address and drive key issues in the context of climate change risk management.

detailed course description

day blocks (1st part: week of 19th Oct.; 2nd part: 9th-27th Nov. 2020); exact dates tbc.
Depending on possibilities under the current pandemic situation, to be delivered either via remote or blended learning.

UNU-EHS lecturers and external experts will provide participants with insights in conceptual understanding around the theoretical basis of topics such as Loss & Damage, Environmental Migration, Livelihood Resilience, and Climate Risk Insurance. Students will get practical understanding of the complexity of these concepts’ application on the ground. The course delivery will be complemented by case studies as well as exercises.

Lecturer: Dr. Kees van der Geest, Michael Zissener