Critical Sustainability

The integrated course is a common course for students of all disciplines. It conveys the theoretical foundations of the term sustainability as well as the interrelationships between technology, nature, the individual, society and democracy. Through the interactive design, the participants question and discuss the knowledge imparted. There is an exchange about different aspects of sustainability related to the different disciplines of the participants

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5. September 2023
5.9. - 2.11.2023, 14.00 - 16.00 CET, 16 meetings

The course “Critical Sustainability” provides a digital space to learn, reflect, discuss and take action together. The participants will jointly analyze existing power relations as well as society-nature relations and democratize them.

The participants will broaden their understanding of sustainability through various interactive, artistic and group-dynamic formats. For this they engage in individual work as well as group work to jointly reflect and analyze the reciprocal relations between technology, individuals, nature, society and democracy. This will be the basis for their contribution to a socio-ecological transformation of society through individual and collective action.

Lecturer: André Baier

detailed course description

  How do I sign up?

Just show up in the first lesson! To participate in the course you must attend the first meeting. After the second meeting registration is closed and no newcomers will be accepted. The link for the video conference and the learning platform will be provided on the website following the link below, one day before the course starts:

follow this link for registration