Critical Sustainability

The integrated course is a common course for students of all disciplines. It conveys the theoretical foundations of the term sustainability as well as the interrelationships between technology, nature, the individual, society and democracy. Through the interactive design, the participants question and discuss the knowledge imparted. There is an exchange about different aspects of sustainability related to the different disciplines of the participants

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3. November 2020
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 14.00 - 16.00

The complexity of the term sustainability is analyzed and existing assumptions are questioned. Conflicts of value and goals are found individually and create the basis for a contribution to social-ecological transformation. Sustainability in the curriculum of engineering students is either ignored or solely focuses on technological solutions. As the UN Rio+20 debate and its focus on Green Economy shows, there is a strong demand for technological innovations as a remedy for ecological destruction and as pathway to poverty eradication. Consequently, the predominant belief in technological progress is held up through technicians as well as a society wishing for easy technological solutions for complex ecological and social problems.

Lecturer: André Baier

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detailed course description

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