Global Mental Health

This course aims to provide students with the necessary tools to develop and to successfully implement evidence-informed decisions in GMH.

detailed course description

8. July 2024

Content and goals of qualification:

  • GMH epidemiology and burden of disease
  • GMH policy, strategy and service development
  • Cultural aspects of GMH with a perspective on case definitions
  • Needs assessment for GMH in crisis situation
  • GMH and its manifestations: clinical cases
  • Therapeutic approaches in GMH
  • Anthropological concepts of GMH
  • GMH case studies (from participants’ home countries)

At the end of the course, students should be able:

  • To critically analyse the epidemiology and social determinants of mental disorders globally
  • To identify strategies to address the burden of disease
  • To critically appraise examples of research and treatment/intervention models at regional level given different levels of economic resources

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