Business Model Development for International Students

This course support students to evaluate research results and business ideas developed before and during the studies in Germany, if there could be a transferred into start-up project. Mainly Participants with their own business ideas are welcome.

detailed course description

9. Oktober 2020
9.10. and 14.10.2020, from 09:00 to 13:00 plus individual coaching sessions

The Business Model Development workshop is structured into three sessions:

  1. Understanding Customer
  2. Value Proposition Design
  3. Business Model Development

During the Understanding Customer part, participants will review their business ideas against the backdrop of the following questions: Is there a market for my idea? Do I address all customer needs with my business idea? This will usher the participants into the next part known as Value Proposition Design. Here they will be guided in proposing the right value to customers based on their innovative products and/or services. Finally, the participants will be taken through the Business Model Canvas. This will assist them to build business models for their ideas. Using the 10 Types of Innovation Concept, graduates and students will learn about Innovation Tactics to further develop innovative business models.


Lecturer: Christian Hauke, Prof. Dr. Utz Dornberger

Find more information in the pdf course description:

detailed course description