Debating Development - Exploring power in international development debates

What is development? What is development to you? Could you describe your meaning of development in a sentence? Have you ever wondered who decides about who gets developed and how? Who benefits? Do you? Who develops whom? And why? Join us and explore the debates, hierarchies and power struggles around development. We will move from the critique to exploring resistance, activism and alternatives to development to understand our personal position and to rethink development debates.

Detailed course description


Debating Development – Exploring power in international development debates

The idea is to introduce different viewpoints from politics, practice and academia which are involved in development thinking and planning as well as to critically reflect on these viewpoints by designing individual development projects related to the students’ background.

On successful completion of the course, students will:

  • know about different positions of development pathways
  • be able to critically reflect development literature and development practices and understand their perspectivity
  • be able to position themselves in the development debates (deliberation of personal positionality)

Lecturers: Franziska Geiger and Katerina Brandes

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