The idea of networking, sharing information and making use of the synergies that lie in its academic diversity is the central theme of the AGEP.

To organize and articulate the demands and needs of the over 40 AGEP study programmes, they have elected amongst themselves a team of four AGEP-Speakers. They work in close cooperation with the Network-Coordinator to enhance the attractiveness of the AGEP as an international offer in the field of development-related postgraduate qualification.

Petra Kohnen

Head of International Language Programs

As senior lecturer in the International Media Studies Master's program she teaches, among other things in the fields of Journalism, Project Management, Marketing and Media Practice.

Dr. Tiemo Timmermann

Programme Coordinator LENC

He is involved in the AGEP since 2014, the year the M.Sc. Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation (LENC) joined AGEP.

Dr. Anne Weber


Her current research interests are in the topics of management and protection of natural resources and integrated rural development, both imbedded in participatory development processes.

Dr. Gabriele Bäcker

Executive Director of IEE

She is involved in the AGEP since the foundation of the Master in Development Management in 2000, the year the programme joined AGEP.