Sustainability of Renewable Energies

In order to understand the complex transformation processes of our current energy supply system towards a more sustainable one we have to consider implications that go far beyond the technological arena. Effects of the COVI-19 pandemic are shifting the focus to integral mobility planning, home working and mobility avoidance. The transition from a predominantly fossil-fuelled combustion-engine and individual passenger based mobility system towards a more diversified and electric one will be analysed.

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4. March 2024

In this module, the mobility transition in Germany is taken as a concrete example to analyse and understand such transformation processes as well as its main indicators. In the course of the seminar the buzzword ‘sustainability’ will be explained, including its development, assessment methods and implications for energy systems analysis. Electric vehicles are being re-discovered in the context of mobility transition as one of the promising facettes to decarbonize the transportation system. Several lectures highlighting the theoretical framing of the sustainability debate, the dynamics of such a transformation and mechanisms involved in it, as well as a sound introduction to several methods for sustainability assessment (LCA, scenarios, MCDM or discourse analysis) are delivered. The students then choose and develop their own research question in the context of the mobility transition, work in depth with one of the proposed assessment methods and thereby apply the methodological and theoretical knowledge gained during the lecture.

Lecturer: Herena Torio

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detailed course description

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