Sustainability & Awareness-Based Leadership: Introduction to Theory U

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24. November 2023
24.11., 25.11., 14.12. and 21.12.2023 (time slots in PDF) + plus 2 selforganized meetings

Experience and learn to apply Theory U

Theory U has become a widely used transformative leadership and change management approach for personal, organizational and societal transformation. This course provides you a variety of concepts and skills in experiential learning.

Theory U has been developed at the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, Boston) by action researcher and co-founder of the Presencing Institute, Otto Scharmer. Theory U is an approach to solving complex problems and addresses challenges that cannot be solved on the basis of past experience. Instead, it aims to dissolve existing thought patterns in order to develop a deeper and more holistic view that considers a system as a whole and makes the relationships and interrelationships of the system’s components tangible and comprehensible to all participants. The core of Theory U is the realization that the effectiveness of one’s actions depends on one’s inner attitude and the ability to orient oneself to the future.

This course provides students with a holistic approach to leadership, change and innovation, enabling them to tackle complex problems and create meaningful impact in various fields. It is applied in diverse contexts, with an emphasis on both theoretical understanding and practical application.

Course Overview: see PDF here

Facilitators: Antje Schwarze, Sylvia Kaldenbach


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