Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA): Concepts and Applications

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10. Oktober 2022
10. - 18.10.2022 (except Saturday and Sunday), timeslot: 16:00-20:20
Online lectures via Zoom. Zoom link will be provided.

This module focuses on the state-of-the-art knowledge and practice of strategic environmental assessment (SEA. SEA is a systematic, decision-aiding tool used for evaluating the likely significant environmental effects of a policy, plan, or program (PPP) through their development process and beginning at the earliest opportunity. In other words, it is an environmental assessment done at a high strategic level of decision-making (i.e., at the PPP level). SEA aims mainly at: 1) integrating environmental considerations into the PPP and evaluating the inter-linkages with economic and social considerations, and 2) predicting coherences and contradictions with other national and local PPPs. It involves evaluation and analysis processes; reporting and recommendation of sustainable measures to mitigate adverse environmental and socio-economic impacts of the PPP; and consideration of the findings in the decision-making processes (i.e., adjustment). While SEA is considered a crucial assessment tool for decision-making, it cannot be applied without the fundamental involvement of the stakeholders and the public from the very beginning and throughout the whole SEA process to promote their role in decision-making.

Lecturer: Dr.PH Suha Al-Madbouh

detailed course description

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