Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA): Concepts and Applications

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4. December 2023
04 . - 11.12.2023, daily: Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - except Saturday and Sunday. timeslot: 15:00-20:00 (GMT+2) (including two-15 min breaks)
Online lectures via Zoom. Zoom link will be provided.

SEA is a systematic, decision aiding procedure for evaluating the likely significant environmental effects of a policy, plan, or program (PPP) through their development process and beginning at the earliest opportunity. In other words, it is an environmental assessment done at a high strategic level of decision-making (i.e., at the PPP level). It involves evaluation and analysis processes, reporting and recommendation of sustainable measures to mitigate adverse environmental and socio-economic impacts of the PPP, and consideration of the findings in the decision-making processes (i.e., adjustment). The involvement of the stakeholders and the public from the very beginning and throughout the whole SEA process is fundamental. Accordingly, SEA aims mainly at integrating environmental considerations into the policies, plans, and programs and evaluating the inter-linkages with economic and social considerations.

Lecturer: Dr.PH Suha Al-Madbouh

detailed course description

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