Resilient Energy Systems

The module “Resilient energy systems” provides the theoretical background for understanding main concepts and interdisciplinary scientific methods from the context of resilience assessment as well as their role in the debate towards resilient energy systems.

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20. October 2023
Fridays, 10:15 to 13:45

In this course students will

  • analyze, and critically understand different definitions of resilience and fundamental concepts relevant in the context of energy systems analysis (e.g. complexity, homeostasis, equilibria, stressors,…)
  • understand and interlink assessment methods, principles and theories for resilience analysis of energy supply systems in different scientific disciplines
  • critically evaluate the suitability, meaningfulness and implications of different resilience-related indicators, theories and assessment methods from several disciplines
  • identify main barriers, potentials and driving factors for improving one selected assessment approach in the context of its application to a case study

Lecturer: Herena Torio, Carsten Agert