Journalistic writing for scientists

Learn how to prepare scientific content for articles in a non-scientific journal. Learn how to write about science for the public.

Detailed course description

15. September 2021
15.9.2021 – 13.10.2021, from 10.30 - 12.30.
Online lectures via Zoom. Individual writing homework between sessions.

Translating Scientific Content into a non-scientific Journal Article

D+C Development and Cooperation is a print magazine and a e-paper that discusses international-development affairs and explores how they relate to other fields of policy-making, such as security, peace, trade, business and environmental protection.  All articles are funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and published on behalf of ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL. Their mission is not to serve as a governmental mouthpiece, but to provide a credible forum for debate, involving government agencies, civil society, the private sector and academia at an international level. D+C is the leading German language publication on development issues.


Lecturer: Hans Dembowski, editor in chief of the development magazine D+C / Development and Cooperation

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