Holistic science and systems thinking

Join this course to explore the benefits of holistic science and systems thinking for international development practices. Understand the differences between a reductionist and a holistic focus on solving complex problems in international development. Learn about the wisdom of indigenous peoples.

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28. September 2020
5 weeks, 2 h weekly, 18:00 - 20:00
Online lectures via Zoom. Zoom link will be provided.

Why do hunger, poverty and environmental degradation persist despite more than 50 years of international development programmes? Can we solve complex problems with a mechanistic worldview? How can we think our way out of a problem when the problem is the way we think? What are the benefits of a systems view of life? What can we learn from the worldview of indigenous peoples?

We will dialogue and put in practice the benefits of holistic science, systems thinking and the indigenous worldview to solving complex problems in the development sector.

Lecturer: Dr. Jörg Elbers

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detailed course description