Design Thinking – Finding your master thesis topic

In this workshop selected methods for personal growth and development are presented. In order to be able to develop yourself and your professional ideas (your master thesis) you have to know yourself. If you do not know yourself, it is impossible take decisions that are in favor of your own best interests. That leads to the question: Do I know myself? Participants will have the opportunity to discover their personal strengths and use creative tools and methods to identify their area of interest for the master thesis.

Detailed course description

Saturday, 18th of June 2022, 5 hours (from 9.00 to 14.00)

You will get an overview of different Creativity Methods (Design Thinking, Theory U, Ikigai) and you will practice the creative process.

The workshop aims at exploring and developing your strengths and visions for your master thesis. We do this by searching for answers to some very important basic questions:

Who am I? What am I good at? What are my talents? What am I curious about? Why am I here? What do I deeply care about? How do I want to support the world? Where do I want to go? What makes me come alive? What excites me?

We will guide you through an elevating process. We do this by offering you different creative tools which you can continue to use after the workshop and along your master thesis process.

Lecturer: Katerina Brandes, Ricarda Bruder Pedroso

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