UN Climate Change Conference Simulation

Get an insight into the complex topic of climate policy • balance of power, dynamics; Understand interactions in climate negotiations • Experience the difficulty of finding consensus in the case of partially divergent interests • Understanding of the interaction between national interests and (the limitation of) international cooperation • Learning negotiation techniques and reasoning strategies to represent positions and represent interests

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5. Oktober 2020
3 weeks, daily self-regulated online tasks (max. 30min), 2 days of 4h life online session, (22. + 23.10.2020)
Online lectures via Zoom. Zoom link will be provided.

Simulation game on the UN Climate Change Conference, COP 26, Glasgow 2021

Climate Science & Climate Policy – “On the road to International Agreements – The Work of the United Nations”

First, the preliminary negotiations are simulated via an online platform. The participants develop the draft resolution online, which forms the basis for the subsequent negotiations at the video summit. To do this, they have to submit wording suggestions, convince partners and opponents and find support for their positions. The process is headed by the UN group, which ultimately draws up the final draft resolution. The platform will continue to be used during the face-to-face negotiations, which take place via a video portal (e.g. zoom), and will support the delegations in the negotiations. The aim is to implement the framework agreement of the Paris Agreement. In addition, negotiations are still underway to improve the emissions targets that have been set, the design of climate finance, the possible use of technical innovations in the fight against climate change or the handling of losses and damages.

Lecturer: Klaus Schneider, planpolitik

Planpolitik is a company, that offers simulation games for various political scenarios with and for universities and many other educational and governmental institutions and organisatios.

Impressions of the simulation experience you can check HERE


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detailed course descpription

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