Nature-based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience

Nature-based Solutions for increasing disaster and climate resilience are relevant to everybody and each of us can take some actions – small or large in promoting them. With this in mind, the introductory module is designed to be accessible to everyone, whatever your level of experience or your background.

Financing Social Health Protection

Target Group: Social protection sector professionals, Public health professionals, policy makers, private companies and relevant public administrations, project planners and coordinators, independent of the geographical origin.

Rehabilitation and Restoration of Degraded Landscapes

In this e-learning course, participants get familiar with the concepts of landscape degradation. Governance, legal and political aspects are outlined and the manifold and interrelated causes of landscape degradation are analysed in some detail. Different types of landscape degradation are presented. The rehabilitation and restoration is then demonstrated with reference to farmlands, forests, and wetlands. […]

Financing my Business Idea

This course shows different ways of financing start-up project development in Germany. The focus will be in particular on the EXIST program ( During the workshop we will evaluate the Business Models developed by the participants in order to check if one could apply to EXIST.

Business Model Development for International Students

This course support students to evaluate research results and business ideas developed before and during the studies in Germany, if there could be a transferred into start-up project. Mainly Participants with their own business ideas are welcome.

Critical Sustainability

The integrated course is a common course for students of all disciplines. It conveys the theoretical foundations of the term sustainability as well as the interrelationships between technology, nature, the individual, society and democracy. Through the interactive design, the participants question and discuss the knowledge imparted. There is an exchange about different aspects of sustainability related to the different disciplines of the participants