Evidence-based Project Proposal Writing

The course is designed as a series of game workshops to provide the participant with the required knowledge, practical instructions and continues feedback and consultations. The aim is to develop high quality innovative evidence-based project proposals with joy and ease.

Urbanisation and Development

This course is designed to sensitise students for the challenges and chances of (rapid) urbanisation. The course will draw attention to relevant theoretical concepts and the current state of the art concerning a range of sub-topics such as housing, rural-urban migration, city planning and the linkages between urbanisation and growth.

Law and Development

The regimes of international, regional and national human rights law serve as the main focus area and an umbrella regulating all areas of development cooperation.

Financial Management

The course combines the practice of budgeting and financial decision making with knowledge related to the analysis of financial statements.

Public Policy and Reform Management

The students are familiarised with the various determinants of successfully managing developmental reforms, i.e. of initiating, implementing and enforcing change.

Actors in Development Cooperation

The course engages with Sustainable Devel-opment Goals (SDGs), particularly the implications of SDG 16 (“Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions”) and SDG 17 (“Partnerships for the Goals”) for international development actors.