Pandemics 1 – Determinants and Management

The overall objective of the proposed project is to train students in the prevention, early detection, management and monitoring of major contemporary pandemics. The specific learning objectives of this course are the ability to describe and understand: – Pandemics in history and in modern times – How to measure the transmission dynamics and expansion of […]

Health Systems Strengthening

The content of the course reflects up-to-date knowledge and experience with the impact assessment and management of natural disasters and complex emergencies in the health sector.

Global Mental Health

This course aims to provide students with the necessary tools to develop and to successfully implement evidence-informed decisions in GMH.

Participatory Approaches and SDGs

Online Course - Envisioning Sustainability: Participatory Approaches in Development Goals

Sustainability & Awareness-Based Leadership: Introduction to Theory U

Experience and learn to apply Theory U Theory U has become a widely used transformative leadership and change management approach for personal, organizational and societal transformation. This course provides you a variety of concepts and skills in experiential learning. Theory U has been developed at the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, Boston) by action […]

Resilient Energy Systems

The module “Resilient energy systems” provides the theoretical background for understanding main concepts and interdisciplinary scientific methods from the context of resilience assessment as well as their role in the debate towards resilient energy systems.