Participatory Approaches and SDGs

Online Course - Envisioning Sustainability: Participatory Approaches in Development Goals

Sustainability & Awareness-Based Leadership: Introduction to Theory U

Experience and learn to apply Theory U Theory U has become a widely used transformative leadership and change management approach for personal, organizational and societal transformation. This course provides you a variety of concepts and skills in experiential learning. Theory U has been developed at the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, Boston) by action […]

Resilient Energy Systems

The module “Resilient energy systems” provides the theoretical background for understanding main concepts and interdisciplinary scientific methods from the context of resilience assessment as well as their role in the debate towards resilient energy systems.

E-Meet the UN Expert. UN agencies in Bonn ‑ their role and perspectives in achieving the SDGs

The “E-Meet the UN Expert. UN agencies in Bonn ‑ their role and perspectives in achieving the SDGs” is a webinar series, organized by UNU-EHS for the AGEP Network. For the knowledge sharing series our UNU-EHS Education Unit engages experts from various UN agencies and programmes that have their Headquarter, official representations or programmes on […]

Global Health Risk Management & Hygiene Policies (Bonn)

University of Bonn University Hospital Bonn Location Bonn is a city of Art, Medicine and Health science. The combination of the medical excellence at an outstanding level with both history and modernity is what is drawing more and more health tourists to Bonn. More and more people from abroad are coming to Bonn getting their […]

Design Thinking: developing your vision for a successful job engagement

You are enrolled at a development related study program and worried, whether you will be able to find an adequate job? The workshop will offer you a space to explore and identify your strengths and visions for your workplace. The tools you learn in the workshop can be used continuously afterwards and will support you in your ongoing job search process.