APPLY! EPOS scholarships for students from developing countries at HSRW

APPLY! EPOS scholarships for students from developing countries at HSRW

You want to study the Master degree programme “Sustainable Development Management” and you come from a developing country? Then you will be interested in this scholarship!

EPOS is short for “Entwicklungsbezogene Postgraduierten Studiengänge” (development-related postgraduate courses). Since 1987 the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) funds a number of scholarships for students from developing countries who would like to study in Germany in development-related subjects. For more information on the overall programme, please click here.

The master’s degree programme “Sustainable Development Management” is part of EPOS and can therefore award a number of scholarships to students from developing countries every year.

Selection criteria and procedures for DAAD scholarship recipients ensure that candidates:

  • are from developing countries, click here for the list of eligible countries
  • have a first qualifying degree in either social sciences, economics or industrial engineering (or an interdisciplinary programme covering these fields) with an excellent grade point average
  • comprise of at least two years of relevant professional experience
  • are fluent in both written and spoken English
  • have proven, development-related motivation and can be expected to make full use of their scholarship and education by taking on social responsibility later in their careers, acting as agents of change who stimulate and support development in their personal and professional surroundings

Women and candidates from disadvantaged groups who meet the required academic and professional standards and show proven commitment to development-related issues are especially targeted for programme admission.

Application process

The application period for the EPOS scholarships lasts every year from May 1st to June 1st. The scholarship application process is separate from the general application process for the study programme. This means that if your scholarship application is rejected and you want to enroll in the degree program without scholarship, you must apply again during one of the regular application periods (through uni-assist; deadlines January 15th/July 15th), see applications and admission. The scholarship nominations are expected to be communicated until the end of September. The start of your studies will then either be in March (summer semester) or next years’ September (winter semester).

Applications must be submitted to uni-assist. Please do not send applications to the university administration or to DAAD. Applications that are not submitted via uni-assist will not be considered. The uni-assist portal can be accessed via the following link:

You can register anytime. However, submitting applications for the scholarship programme is only possible from May 1st to June 1st. Uni-assist asks for an administrative fee, which must be covered by the applicant. Please make sure to make the payment before the deadline approaches. Before and after the application phase, you will not be able to submit documents. There is no need to submit hardcopies; please upload all required documents as scans.

Next application phase: May 1st 2023 to June 1st 2023.

The DAAD-website explains which documents have to be submitted for an application to a scholarship for an EPOS degree programme. Please check the completeness of your documents before applying!

Only complete applications can be considered!

This checklist provides you with a first overview of the required documents – for more information, please refer to the DAAD-website.

Additionally the university itself requires one more application sheet. This is available here.

Questions regarding the EPOS scholarship and its application process can be sent to