Are you an DAAD student (EPOS) or graduate looking to develop your intercultural projectmanagement skills while effectively engaging with local communities or volunteers? Join the transformative online-seminar series led by experts in the field! Discover the importance of intercultural sensitivity, learn best practices, navigate potential barriers and explore ethical decision-making in research and development projects. […]

Biogas production – a helpful measure in several ways

Dr. Thorben Schilling is a research and teaching staff at the department of Livestock Infectiology and Environmental Hygiene, University of Hohenheim. His presentation will be on the topic “Biogas production – a helpful measure in several ways”. He will be presenting on Friday 10th May 2024 at 14:00 Germany time Join Zoom Meeting:

Sustainable livestock production

Dr. Viviane Guesbeogo Yameogo is a post-doctoral researcher at the institute of social and institutional change in agricultural development, University of Hohenheim. Her presentation will be focused on the topic “Livestock pathways and sustainability trade-offs in sub-Saharan Africa”. She will be presenting on Friday 3rd May 2024 at 14:00 Germany time. Join the Zoom Meeting: […]

Alumni Seminar: River Deltas at Risk

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS – Alumni Seminar 2024-2025The Institute for Technology and Ressources Management (ITT, TH Köln) invites Alumni of the ITT from developing countries and of other German universities to apply and participate in the Alumni Seminar onRiver Deltas at Risk. The alumni seminar will take place over three phases, starting with a one-week face-to-face […]

Training on Safety and Security for Researchers

Join Dr. Rodrigo Mena Fluhmann on April 22 for an online workshop on Safety & Security for Researchers, especially within the context of (humanitarian) disasters, crisis scenarios, and research in fragile contexts.Researchers joining the workshop will get an introduction to how safety and security works in a research context, the importance of adequate preparation and […]

Your Next Career Move: Unlock the Power of Collective Intelligence with the WISE CROWDS Method

Use this method to continue to improve your decision-making and problem-solving skills and to open up new possibilities for your development!

Nature-based Solutions and Agro-ecological Concepts for Sustainable Transformation of Agri-Food Systems

DAAD Agriculture-Alumni Training Network is organizing a one-week workshop in Ethiopia. The theme for this year’s workshop is ‘Nature-based Solutions and Agro-ecological Concepts for Sustainable Transformation of Agri-Food Systems’. This initiative will bring together German university alumni from across Africa for a 7-day travelling workshop in Ethiopia from the 21st to 29th March, 2024. Check […]

Compelling Application Documents

Recruiters spend less than one minute to decide whether an application is relevant for the job or not. Therefore, you need to pass the quick-check and the in-depth-check with your resume and cover letter. In this seminar you will learn how recruiters read the documents and how to craft them so that you will get an invitation for the interview of […]