SUTROFOR Spring School "Preparing Field Work in the Tropics"

Spring School on "Preparing Field Work in the Tropics" in Pokhara, Nepal, 5-19 March 2019. Organized by the MSc Programme "Tropical Forestry and Management" at TU Dresden, in collaboration with SUTROFOR partner universities.


5. März 2019 - 8:00


19. März 2019 - 18:00

The „Tropical Forestry and Management“ (MSc) Programme  at TU Dresden, together with its SUTROFOR partner universities, is organizing a Spring School on „Preparing Field Work in the Tropics„. To be held in Pokhara, Nepal, between 5 and 19 March 2019, the Spring School will be preceeded by a preparation course at home institutions between 28 January and 1 March 2019.

The Spring School aims to impart a thorough understanding of the importance of field work preparation. This is planned to be achieved through acquisition of in-depth factual location specific knowledge, building on theoretical knowledge obtained in other courses, relevant to tropical forestry issues and development of practical skills.

This even shall serve as a preparatory course for the Sustainable Tropical Forestry Summer School, with the special focus on  developing a minor research project (that will then be implemented during the spring school taking place in a developing country). The course thus covers the entire research process until the implementation phase. Particular attention is paid to practical considerations in connection to research design and implementation, group work, field work, e.g. ethics, personal safely, training and managing enumerators.