IV International Symposium: Transition to a Sustainable Future

The Fourth International WASTE Symposium on Environmental process engineering and technologies will discuss the transition to a sustainable future, focusing on topics such as circular economy, smart cities and energy transition. It is intended to provide an opportunity for professionals in the fields of environmental engineering to exchange their academic and technical knowledge.


26. November 2020


27. November 2020

Dear students,

First of all, on behalf of the Organization Committee of the “IV International Symposium: Transition to a Sustainable Future”, we would like to wish you a pleasant week and we hope the best for your current activities. We are an English M.Sc. Program in „Air Quality, Solid Waste, and Waste Water Process Engineering“ (WASTE) at the University of Stuttgart. Every year we organize an international symposium to commemorate our research fields. This year the event will be held online via the Zoom Platform and will take place on 26th and 27th November.

We kindly want to extend you an invitation to participate in our event as an attendant. It will be an excellent occasion for you to include participation in international academic activities in your records.

Research on the following core topics would be presented during our Symposium:
Circular Economy – “Trending technologies and processes”
Smart Cities  – “The future of integrated and smart management”
Energy Transition – “Sources of renewable energy and waste to energy technologies”


The Symposium is intended to provide a networking opportunity for junior and senior professionals in the fields of sustainability to exchange their academic and technical knowledge. Transition to sustainable future is a pressing topic that must be discussed and considered worldwide. Therefore, international speakers from the industry and leading- edge research institutions, will consolidate the chief occasion during our Symposium.

Your participation is free and will be certified.

All additional information regarding our Symposium can be found in the Official Site https://www.wasteclub.net/internationalsymposium2020 of the event.

Brochure (PDF)