Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation - LENC

In this strongly transdisciplinary programme you will acquire in-depth knowledge of the contents and methods of 'Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation' and develop competencies for solving complex research tasks independently.

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24 months

Universität Greifswald

(University of Greifswald)


Location Greifswald is a town of 55,000 inhabitants located right on the Baltic Sea, not far from the German capital Berlin. Founded in 1456, Greifswald University is one of the oldest universities in Germany. Today approximately 10,000 students are studying here with close contact to their professors. The medieval town offers a lively atmosphere with a diverse cultural life that ensures productive and enjoyable studies. With regard to its academic life it has been said that there are towns all over the world which have a university, but in Greifswald a university has a town.
Course focus In this strongly transdisciplinary programme you will acquire in-depth knowledge of the contents and methods of ‘Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation’ and develop competencies for solving complex research tasks independently. Furthermore, you will learn to analyse and evaluate problems of landscape ecology, ecosystems or nature conservation from different points of view. The programme, which mainly covers natural science (environment and ecology), is supplemented by contents of landscape economics and environmental ethics. A substantial proportion of elective modules allow for high individuality and flexibility of your study content and study schedules.


Individual mentoring in professional and private issues, tutorials as well as active support for integration with other German as well as international students are provided for scholarship holders. The active Alumni Network for Ecology, Sustainability and Conservation (ANESCo) supports the integration of LENC alumni into an internationally cooperating experts network.

The curriculum imparts theoretical knowledge as well as practical experiences and skills. LENC offers mandatory modules (30 credits), elective modules (at least 10 electives have to be studied = 60 credits) and a Master module (30 credits).

1) Mandatory modules: Landscape Ecology and Economics, Ethics and Environment, International Excursion, Research Internship, Personal Profiling

2) Elective modules: Cost Benefit Analysis, Economic Valuation of Natural Resources, Peatland utilization, Botanical Species Conservation 1 & 2, Conservation Genetics of Plants 1 & 2, Experimental Plant Ecology 1 & 2, Ornithology 1 & 2, Animal Conservation & Ecology 1 & 2, Vegetation Ecology 1 & 2, General and Applied Aquatic Ecology, Aquatic Ecology – Summer course, Conservation and Behaviour 1 & 2, Conservation Genetics 1 & 2, Biology of Reproduction in Animals 1 & 2, Plant Stress Physiology, Climate Change, Dendrochronology, Environmental Hydrogeology, Facies Analysis of Glacial Deposits, Restoration Ecology, Mire ecology and Regionality, Quaternary Palaeoecology, Peatlands and Palaeoecology, Ecology & Protection of Ecosystems in the Southern Hemisphere & the Tropics, Geographical Information Systems 2, Advanced Field Skills, Modern Languages, Internship.

Target group The LENC programme is targeting at upcoming professionals from all over the world, coming from “developing” as well as “developed” countries. LENC graduates can pursue a career in landscape and nature conservation research, national and international nature conservation organisations and associations, landscape planning and consultancy offices, environmental and nature conservation administration or private companies.
Course language English
Entry requirements
  • Bachelor of Sciences or a comparable degree in an environmental-related discipline as landscape ecology or bio-, agricultural or forestry sciences. Special applicants will be approved in individual cases.

Applications for a DAAD-EPOS scholarship must be sent via email to the LENC coordination office for international applicants at Greifswald University (see contact address below). For application instructions see:

Degree Awarded Master of Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation (M.Sc.)
Course Begins

Course Duration

Beginning of October every year

24 months

Duration of a German language course      prior to beginning of the programme

2 months (for students awarded a DAAD scholarship)
Application deadline
  • For DAAD-EPOS scholarship applicants: 15 December 2021, at Greifswald University / LENC Coordination Office
  • Application period for self-financed applicants: between 1 October 2021 and 1 March 2022, through

For Further Information contact:

Dr. Tiemo Timmermann, LENC Coordination – international

Institute of Botany and Landscape Ecology, Soldmannstr. 15,

D-17489 Greifswald

Phone:      +49-(0)383-4420-4112