MSc Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design (IUSD)

The MSc Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design aims to train a new generation of urban practitioners to face the tremendous environmental, cultural and social challenges resulting from the rapid urbanization and ongoing societal transformation currently taking place in the Middle East, North Africa (MENA) and elsewhere.

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24 months

Universität Stuttgart

Location The IUSD program has been jointly developed and established in 2011 by the two partner universities – University of Stuttgart and Ain Shams University, Cairo. The double-degree program with the first year in Stuttgart University and the second year at Ain Shams University in Cairo serves as its backbone and is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Starting from 2016, both universities also offer the IUSD as a single degree program in both locations, with different study and exchange opportunities.

Course focus The Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design is a Masters’ program hosted at the University of Stuttgart and Ain Shams University in Cairo. It trains and prepares a new generation of urban practitioners to face the tremendous environmental, cultural, socio-economic and governance challenges resulting from the dynamic urban transformation around the globe.

Teaching at both universities is based on interdisciplinary teamwork and on site-specific projects in cooperation with local communities and with different stakeholders, organizations and institutions, locally and internationally. IUSD students acquire reflective and practical skills to develop integrated and transdisciplinary solutions for planning, managing and designing landscapes, cities and buildings.

Target group Applicants from all over the world with an internationally recognized Bachelor degree (or equivalent) in architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, regional planning or civil engineering. Professionals with Bachelor degrees in geography, sociology, environmental management, political science or economics and cultural studies, Arabic, African or Islamic studies with relevant professional experience will also be considered but should also provide proof of relevant professional experience in fields related to architecture, urban and development planning or infrastructure design. The Masters program strongly encourages applications from young professionals working in public institutions, private sector, civil society initiatives or NGOs all over the world who are interested in IUSD-related topics and who have a high level of interest in knowledge transfer and achieving a social benefit. The Admission Commission will give applicants with work expertise or equivalent internship experience preferential treatment. We would welcome applicants from many different backgrounds and countries and this year applications will not be limited to applicants from Germany, Egypt and MENA countries.
Course language English
Entry requirements Please visit the program website and browse the different program lines.

You will find the specific application requirements according to the program.

Degree Awarded Master of Science
Course Begins October

(Remark: students who will be funded by the EPOS scholarship have to participate in a language course from beginning of August until end of September)

Course Duration 2 years equivalent 4 semesters
Course Structure IUSD_Modulhandbuch

IUSD Structure

IUSD Curriculum


Duration of German language course prior to beginning of program Students who will be funded by the EPOS scholarship have to participate in a two month language course prior to beginning of the program.
Remarks Please read carefully the information on our website about different application requirements, procedures and deadlines.
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