Social Innovation in Health - Digital Course 2022

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15. November 2022
4 Weeks

About the course:

This online course introduces the participants to social innovation in health, building capacities to integrate social innovation and social entrepreneurships in health systems to promote and achieve the SDGs. The goal is for this knowledge to be shared with organizations and associations working in the field of sustainable development. The course also presents the students with information on how to access financing opportunities and tools to develop their own action plan to possible stakeholders.

Participants will go through one introduction module and four content modules, which will give them the necessary tools and knowledge to develop their own project ideas on how to implement it, integrating social innovation and entrepreneurship in the health sector. It will take place on Teachable, an online learning platform, and Zoom.


Methodology The students will work individually and in groups, following a peer-to-peer learning
method. They will need to dedicate a total of four hours per week, three committed
to asynchronous work in the digital platform and the other two to participate in the online sessions that will take place on Wednesday afternoons. During these calls, students will meet with subject matter experts, discuss the material received during the week, and engage in a variety of activities to both develop their ideas and foster networking among peers.
Requirements to obtain the certificate ● Attend at least 3 of the 4 online sessions. Each week there will be a 2-hours online session.
● Develop the weekly assignments and follow the course contents.
● Deliver the final assignment.
Application deadline  7th of November


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