R Software applications for global Public Health Science

20. Januar 2023
6 weeks

The R Software applications for global Public Health Science is offered by the University of Freiburg. An online DAAD supported course for supporting the global health using R software knowledge for simple & sophisticated analyses. The course is a blended-learning course with tutors interactions starting with the kick-off meeting on 27th of January 2023 and ends with a powerpoint presentation on 3rd of March 2023.

Precondition: understanding of basic statistics

Beginning  27th January 2023
Duration  6 Weeks
Credits  6 ECTS


  • A basic understanding of statistics is required for this course.
  • This course compliment the advanced module on Research and Global Health Concepts.
  • This comprehensive course is open to a limited number of students from institutions in the AGEP network

Successful students receive a certificate of attendance with 6 ECTS.

Registration for this course until January 27th, 2023

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