Introduction to Theory U - leading from the emerging future

Introduction to Theory U – leading from the emerging future

Learning about leading profound social, environmental and personal transformation

This course is an introduction into the Theory-U-Social-Technology, developed and promoted by the Presencing Institute, Otto Scharma and the prestigious MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). 

Participants gain a conceptual and experiential understanding of the U Theory and experience leadership and facilitation techniques. They will apply different tools during the session and learn how to use them in their study and working context. The strategies presented for promoting team evolution help learners to see how Theory U might be put into practice in their respective organisations and communities. The learnings enable extraordinary collaborative experiences of innovation and sustainability.

According to Otto Scharmer, this results in new ideas and solutions that can make a contribution to the environment and to the future. The real work of leaders and change-makers lies in cultivating the so-called social field, by which he means the structure of the relationship among individuals, groups, organizations and systems that gives rise to new collective behaviors and outcomes.

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