Financing my Business Idea

This course shows different ways of financing start-up project development in Germany. The focus will be in particular on the EXIST program ( During the workshop we will evaluate the Business Models developed by the participants in order to check if one could apply to EXIST.

detailed course description

28. Oktober 2020
28.10.2020 + 4.11.2020, 09:00 – 13:00 plus individual coaching sessions

The Financing my Business Idea workshop is structured into four sessions:

  1. Providing overview about financing options for Start-up projects in Germany
  2. Presenting in details the EXIST program
  3. Evaluating business models of the participants
  4. Developing short proposal for EXIST funding

The first two session will implement more as a lecture to provide the necessary information. In the third session, we will show successful business models which could obtain funding by EXIST and assess the business models of the participants in individual coaching sessions.

Finally, the workshop will provide a guidance for developing a short proposal to verify the option of EXIST program funding.

Participants should provide a Business Model based on an own business idea

(Could be developed in our Course “Business Model Development for International Students”)

Lecturer: Christian Hauke, Prof. Dr. Utz Dornberger

Find more information in the pdf course description:

detailed course description

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